Failing Hybrid Battery? Replace or Rebalance.

Is your hybrid battery failing?

Has the dealer said your battery needs to be replaced for $3,000, $4,000 or more?

Wait! You have other options!

We have the expertise and experience to explain your options and point you in the right direction for less $$.



We can replace your battery with a new or refurbished battery pack that matches or exceeds the original battery specifications.

Call me and I’ll help decide which is best for you. 608-729-4082



We can re-balance your existing hybrid battery, which can often reclaim lost capacity and extend the life of your current battery. It does not fix the hybrid battery long term, but may keep your hybrid running while you save for a replacement.

We are the only shop in the state offering this service for hybrid owners.


REMOVE COMPLETELY (2000-2006 Honda Insight Only)

Owners of Honda Insight hybrids have an additional option not available to other hybrid owners. We can “turn off” you hybrid battery, and you can drive without it forever. Or it can just be a temporary option which allows you to time to save up for one of the other battery options.