Toyota Increases Warranty on Replacement Prius Hybrid Battery. Now 3 years, 36,000 miles

EV Powers Prius Hybrid BatteryAs of 1/1/2016 all purchased Toyota OEM replacement Prius hybrid batteries (non-fleet) come with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty.

This is an increase from the 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty previously being offered on replacement Prius hybrid batteries.

While I currently do not have any written documentation, I independently confirmed this information through several Toyota sources, including calls to multiple dealers, Toyota Corporate, and Toyota Warranty Department.

The Prius hybrid battery warranty increase information originally was identified in an email that went out to dealers in late December 2015. Admittedly, some dealers may have missed the email or inadvertently been left out of the mailing, so don’t be surprised if you find a dealer that is initially unaware of this update.

The hybrid battery warranty increase applies to more than just the Prius. All Toyota hybrid batteries are included: Prius hybrid battery, Camry hybrid battery, Avalon hybrid battery, etc.

The first hint I had about the increase in the Prius hybrid battery warranty was because a user on Priusschat mentioned it in a post. Hat tip to Mark and his eagle eyed parts department folks.

EV Powers has installed plenty of replacement Prius hybrid batteries, and none of them have ever had any issues.  The increase in the Prius hybrid battery warranty will ease the minds of many Prius owners.

If you have any hybrid battery or hybrid car questions or needs, feel free to call EV Powers at 608-729-4082! I’m always happy to help.

Honda Insight Hybrids – Broken Ground straps

When I hear of Honda Insight owners having unusual electrical problems one of the first areas I check is the car’s ground straps. Nearly every high mile Honda  Insight that comes into the shop for the first time has at least one broken ground strap.

These wires are crucial to keeping the car’s electronics in good health. Without them all sort of electrical symptoms can occur.

The straps are made of copper and corrode over time, often from the inside out.  So although they look fine visually, when you give them a gentle tug they simply crumble apart.

The straps themselves cost about $10 apiece so it doesn’t cost much to keep the electrical gremlins at bay.


Watch out for mice and rodents in your hybrid!

With the weather turning cooler I have been seeing more instances of rodents bedding down in hybrids. Sometimes their nests can lead to severe damage.

The latest one I saw blocked the fan so badly, it was certainly a contributing factor to the ultimate demise of the battery. The fan was so blocked that the battery overheated and was damaged beyond repair.

Blocked hybrid battery fan

Blocked hybrid battery fan




Used Hybrid Cars For Sale.

Over the past year, in addition to hybrid car repair, customers come to me looking to

Used Hybrid Cars Sign

Used Hybrid Cars

SELL a used hybrid car

BUY a used hybrid car

In the upcoming months I will have a page on this site with listings of hybrid cars to help connect buyers and sellers.

In the meantime, continue to let me know if you have a used hybrid for sale, or are looking for a used hybrid.

More than likely there is someone locally who has that Toyota Prius,  Honda Insight, or Honda Civic Hybrid you are looking for. Or wants to buy that hybrid you have for sale.